Comfort was something we did not take lightly. Our goal was clear – We definitely didn’t want to create just another regular sock. It had to be different. It had to make a statement. Then we got obsessed.

For instance, that nagging seam running across your toe, we found a way to hand link it so now it’s seamless. You can thank us later.

Several more improvements have been made in each and every sock adding an additional layer of engineered comfort in every pair of Bombay Socks.

100% handmade soap bar


At Bombay Sock Co. we prioritize on using the softest yarns from the best cotton producers in India.

We believe in the anti microbial and moisture-wicking properties of high-quality, natural fibers. Our socks are designed to take the shape of your feet adding a level of comfort where it actually matters.


Whether you’re a lawyer, an ad executive or one of those corporate finance guys, we know you’ll crave comfort.

Once you put on a pair of Bombay Socks, you probably won’t think twice about our hand-linking or our reinforced cuff which makes sure your sock stays in the only direction that matters – up.

But when the hubbub of everyday life comes knocking, you’ll have some extra comfort to take it on.

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