We’re a Bombay start-up on a pretty simple mission; to make good quality comfort socks, sourced from some of the finest and softest yarns produced in India.

We’re just two regular guys We’re rebels with pretty high expectations for a regular pair of good quality socks. Always buying a majority of our socks while traveling, we just decided to start our own lil production back home.

I feel like inserting a life quote here but I’ll just carry on..

What we realized is that people today really do notice your socks and we essentially made that our mission. To help you guys add style and personality and get noticed for the right reason.

100% handmade soap bar


We’ve gone up, down, left, right and pretty much any other direction you can think of to source the highest quality of yarns and knitting machinery this country has to offer.

We’ve immersed ourselves at every step in the process, testing and refining various aspects, leaving no stone unturned to ensure quality and comfort of our socks.

It’s been our privilege to work alongside one of India’s best and most experienced sock manufacturers who help us make the best possible socks.


After having second thoughts about a product that was an afterthought for most, we spent a year on research on development, which led us to what we term, the evolution of socks.

During that time we’ve made improvements to the design, performance and comfort of your everyday sock. And we’ll continue to evolve as we grow.

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